When opting for custom clothing and suiting, there’s a certain sense of satisfaction you get when seeing your personal creations come to life. For the team at Spectre, it’s every garment we see from initial concept in the showroom, to the final fitting when our client walks out to take on the world.
We receive just as much satisfaction from our clients choices, as we do our own. As the quote says, “style is like saying who you are without having to speak”. It’s for this reason we search far & wide when looking for inspiration when designing pieces for our own collection or working with partners to collaborate on upcoming projects. Not only do we want to test our creative abilities, we want to push the industry by emerging ourselves into Melbourne culture and lifestyle.

First In. Best Dressed.* Limited to the first 20 bookings.

As a business we are in our infancy, yet we feel we’ve evolved so much in our brief time in the market. You only need to look through our Instagram profile for design, the evolution of our website and now advertising to see our change in styles, and how each of the people who have worked with us have influenced our work, and what we present to the public.In the blazer feature video, we tried to incorporate as many different styles and colours to showcase the design autonomy we offer and as gratitude to those influences from that period.
The latest instalment goes back to our roots in simple elegant suit design, using bold lapel and stitching detail which is a staple in a Spectre custom suit, Pitted against each other as fierce rivals.‘First in, best dressed’ the theme of this Autumn18 video, and centred around 2 corporate bespoke designs, features our friends Sam & Morgan. the story starts with Sam admiring the cityscape from his office and accepts an invitation for a mission via his Smartwatch.Sam Ludeman is wearing a stone green wool suit with thick notch lapels. This film is secret agent / 007 themed and we have used inspiration from one of our favourite Mission Impossible movies for the colour and arrangement. Sam’s look is modern day corporate, with lots of businesses opting to lose the tie, we just got lucky Sam has a full chest of hair (if you’re in to that).
The “Rival”, Morgan Waterhouse’s character initially started life as a villain dressed in black. As the storyline evolved, he became less villain and more rival hence we ended up fitting him in a royal blue pinstripe 3 piece. With his Bad Boy Bieber look, we finished off his outfit with a bold red tie and matching pocket square. The suits and the film are accentuated by those fabulous Benz’s courtesy of Mercedes Melbourne.
After contacting them, we began discussing our ideas for this film, and after hearing the concept they were keen to get involved. Luckily for us, they went all out and blew us away with quality of the cars which almost steal the show.
We’re planning the next instalment from this series as we speak, and hope to be in production soon. With only 1 suit to go from this collection all we can tell you is that it will involve a Tuxedo and we aim to be better than the last.This message could self destruct in 3…. 2…..