It appears that the men’s short romper has finally been put to bed in 2018, and that’s where it exactly should stay.No longer are shorts reserved for just weekend casual looks, they have been edging their way into the professional work space arena the last couple of seasons. So why not a really awesome summery short suit?Although most men will play it safe and stay with their classic looks of wearing pants in souring heat, I say break the mold and invest in a quality short suit for summer. The short suit provides old school class, Miami Vice meets fashion forward, and you can update your look without busting the bank account. It is super versatile and you can wear the pieces separately or together and play mix and match with existing wardrobe items.
Now I can hear the men already saying “I can’t wear that to work”. YES YOU CAN! If a woman can wear a short skirt to the office, spaghetti straps or low cut tops, what is the harm of a gentleman showing off a pair of calves? In a day and age of equality and diversity it is time for men to reclaim their calves and let them breath!Although the short suit may have you queuing for the stepper at the gym, there is some relatively easy steps to take in selecting this new addition to your closet. I followed these same steps when approaching The Spectre Collection who made this gorgeous lime green linen suit.If you follow me on Instagram you now that in summer I become a total beach rat. There is nowhere else I would rather be to cool down, people watch and just relax in the sun.
As the short suit is definitely a summer outfit you will require light materials such as linen, cotton which are perfect choices.Wear bright colours, it is summer after all and you do not want to look like you are back in boarding school. Light colours will always be in style and worth the investment.Fit, obviously with any purchase fit is important. In summer you do not want something skin tight holding in the heat. Well fitted with room to move and letting your skin breath is essential.The hem of your shorts should sit just above your knee cap, no more than three inches and please, do not make them longer and hanging over your knee like board shorts.Hippy pants maybe fine for Byron Bay but are not fashion forward in any sense. This new addition to your wardrobe will have you being stylish for the warmer months and years to come.

Stay cool

Article By Grant Fellows (GFASH)

Instagram: @gfashcollective