In mid July we met with Melbourne hair guru’s Joey Scandizzo & Aaron Chan, the men behind Kings Domain Barbers.With the Australian Hair Fashion Awards fast approaching, they required a personalised style to suit their hair entries with two primary constraints; luxurious custom designs, and delivery within 3 weeks from the initial meeting.The short time frame was going to be a major challenge leaving no margin for error or ability to schedule a fitting with the models for alterations.


Made right here in Melbourne, we had the ability to commence right away under the watchful eye of our master tailor to ensure no detail was spared and the pieces were prioritised. For most other made to measure and custom retailers this is near on impossible with their quoted timeframes ranging from 4 – 8 weeks to first fitting.

Off the rack alternatives provided other limitations in style and budget, we have hundreds of fabrics in our MTM custom range under $1,000 for a two piece suit so all requirements considered, we were confident on delivering both big brand style and quality at a fraction of the cost – tick & tick.

The most important part of putting a collection together for a collaboration is preparation, and preparation is only be as good as the brief. The better the brief, the better the preparation.

Funnily enough, this brief was initially quite loose from Aaron & Joey, however upon speaking to the boys they made the introduction to meet and work alongside their stylist Courtney Humphreys.

“Often it can be difficult to express a vision in word form particularly off the back on one meeting and a couple of emails.

On the odd occasion you get a group that easily read one another without having to speak too much; this was one of those lucky times. I think a lot of it comes down to finding yourself a good team, trusting and respecting everyone’s individual part to be played.

From here it was a collaborative with the guys from The Spectre Collection to start with the shell of the styling, playing with briefs, and I entirely trusted them to do their thing in the design process to bring to life upcoming trends along side our vision.”

– Courtney Humphreys,
Kings Domain Stylist

Timing of the collaboration couldn’t have been planned better as ideas and discussions had commenced on our 2017 Spring collection.

What we delivered were 6 pieces to become the bones for the Kings Domain shoot and our Spring17 collection:

Grey suit with pink plaid checks and 4 and a half inch peak lapels.
Pink linen jacket with black linen shawl lapels.
3 piece pinstripe suit and 5 inch peak lapels.
Lightweight linen double breasted suit with 4 and a half inch peak lapels and lightweight collarless linen shirt.
Blue/Black velvet suit with floral design.
Cavani linen blazer, white detailed chinos and an over-size velvet bow tie.
With the shoot taking place on a Monday all 6 pieces were delivered the prior Saturday with our Tailors and back of house team cutting, constructing and delivering the collection with amazing precision and detail.

As important as the garments, hair & photography, is bringing the vision together. The role of the stylist is to join all the dots and present the story. They are the last person with the model before its time to shoot, getting the models into their armour and prepare them for the role they are about to play.

“To complete my looks I wanted to pick the suits apart a little and give them an editorial/left of centre feel. I wanted to play with contradictions and use the unexpected, show people how suits can be worn other than to and from work, or a formal occasion.

“Heavy masculine jackets, paired with soft floral prints, checks against stripes, things that shouldn’t work but do, because at the end of the day I think the best creatives are the ones who can break the rules”

Style brief and vision in hand, we were excited to start work immediately and the minute the story board hit our inbox we started selecting fabric and style using the brief & inspiration from iconic designers such as Gucci, Peter Dundas and reflecting on themes from the 1970’s.

-Courtney on the featured looks

Along with images from the day, we’ve put together a video from Melbourne artist Unkxwn
for a first hand behind scenes of the day down between Kings Domain Prahran and in an iconic Melbourne park where the shoot took place.

Hope you enjoy!