Welcome To 2018 Everyone!First class service, design autonomy and an authentic experience are our expectations for each clients journey at The Spectre Collection showroom.To share a piece of this experience on the small screen, we teamed up with Melbourne’s own Tom Bartels aka Unkxnwn with creative input from Gentlemen’s choice founder Mim Azam to present you #1 of a 4 part video series featuring Sam Ludeman.In this first instalment we take you through the journey of creating your own custom pieces with our showroom manager Joanne as she welcomes Sam, and takes a seat on our sofa to discuss and plan his new pieces.

Checkout The Video Below

In selecting the space at level 1 in the Centreway Arcade, our intent was to find a central location in the Melbourne CBD, away from the retail traffic to provide convenient accessibility to our clients and privacy. Each consultation is by appointment, and the location allows us to focus solely on each client without interruption from passers by. We feel this personalises each experience and provides a safe environment to discuss and express your design goals.

We also show a snippet of our measuring and fitting process utilising our shells. This allows us to accurately assess how each person prefers to wear their suit, pants or blazer. Whether be loose, fitted or snug, we believe fashion is in the eye of the beholder and the measuring tape and traditional sizing shouldn’t be the sole dictator of your fit.

The 3 looks worn by Sam, will feature in each the following 3 videos covering designs across Casual, Corporate and formal wear. We hope you enjoy our work and importantly thanks for watching!!